Teachers Orientation Programme organised by BIE | Islamic Weekend Classes
The one day workshop that was organized by the BIE brought together principals and teachers from all the BIE centres of Goa. The session began by the Tazkeer-bil-Quran by Maulana Mubeen, committee member of BIE followed by the Inaugural address by  Anees Mohammad, Secretary BIE. The guest speaker for the same was Dr. Kazim ( Phd, M.Phil.. MSc,  BEd..,  PG diploma Psychological counselling)  from Mumbai.
The one day workshop was broadly divided into two sessions , mainly focusing on innovative and effective methods of providing quality education. It’s objective was to orient the teachers to a general understanding of teaching and the different approaches and methodologies to be applied while teaching. To familiarize the teachers with a constructivist approach, which is often called teaching for understanding.
To be successful in this era, one must teach the child about global awareness and to adopt newer version of communication and technology
To make the child personally and socially responsible
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 The post lunch session was about multiple intelligence. He said every individual has 9 intelligences in varying amounts and we can improve education by addressing these intelligences of both, the student and the teacher.
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 Towards the end , he gave us a questionnaire where in every participant can assess his or her multiple intelligence.
 Participants we’re later provided with a feedback form. The program was then brought to an end by concluding address by Chairman of BIE Abdul Wahid Khan , encouraging teachers to play a better role in the lives of every student for a better and a brighter future. About 60 teachers had participated in the workshop.