About Us | Islamic Weekend Classes

About Us

Board Of Innovative Education (BIE) For Last few years has been working diversified fields of education. Weekend islamic classes is one of its projects running successfully for last few years


Nurturing your child on Islamic Values

Personality development based on Quran and sunnah

Orientation towards success in Dunya and Akhirah




  • Understanding Islam as a complete way of life
  • Attachment of Children with Quran
  • Practicing Islam in Daily life
  • Orientation towards faraiz
  • Development of Islamic Values and Good Character
  • Exposure to Islamic History, Heroes of Islam, Muslim contribution to Humanity & Science


  • Camps, Sports meet, picnics, competitions etc
  • Dedicated and committed teachers
  • Under the guidance of Experienced Islamic Scholars
  • 10+ centers, 70+ Teachers, 750+ students
  • Latest Multimedia Tools for teaching
  • Activities based learning